Day Four Finished

Today's task for Fly Lady's Baby Step program was quite easy and I was finally able to tackle one day of my 31 day challenge without too much interference. I set my alarm for 6am thinking it'd be my only way to get showered and 'dressed to the shoes' before my kids got up. But silly me, I forget that my daughter has a supernatural sense of bad timing and just so happened to wake in unison with my alarm clock. However, I was able to bring her into the bathroom with me, plop her on the floor with a basket of her tub toys sitting nearby and get a shower in. I spent most of it peering out to make sure she didn't yank her glasses off her face and start chewing on them (her favorite pastime - we're on our fifth pair for the year so far). The challenging part is what comes after the shower. It's not always terribly difficult to fit in a 5 minute shower. It's the tedious blow drying and flat ironing (yes, I need it) and makeup and the whole process that follows a shower that's the time-eater. So today that part didn't happen. I went downstairs fully clothed (to lace up shoes!) but with wet hair and no makeup. I figured I'd get her bottle in and then mosey back upstairs to finish the process once she had something in her tummy. It seemed to work okay - although it wasn't exactly in line with Fly Lady's process. It was one step better than yesterday!

So today's task was to simply write down reminders on sticky notes and put them in places that will remind you to do those things. The old me would have kicked into perfectionist mode, pulled out the laptop and spent 15 minutes picking out my favorite font for my homemade reminder notes (you can stop laughing now). But I didn't do that. I grabbed a good 'ol pack of 3M sticky notes and wrote "Get dressed to the shoes" on one and "Keep your sink shiny" on the other. I did take a pair of scissors and cut a wavy border around them to make them feel a little less sticky note-ish and that seemed to appease me. I put the "get dressed to the shoes" sticky on the door jam next to my door so I see it when I'm walking out. I put the "keep your sink shiny" on the frame around my windows above my sink. Done. Now, let's hope they work.

It also says to "read two minutes of your reminders" on days 3 and 4. Now, what does that mean? It can't possibly mean the two sticky notes we just made - that would be quite repetitive for two full minutes. Perhaps it's the reminders she sends out via email from her site. I'll have to email them and ask. See ya'll tomorrow.

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