Touch It Only Once

Back in my days working in corporate America, I worked with a woman that taught me a valuable lesson. I was responsible for executing marketing materials and she managed the product itself, so I needed her feedback on what my team produced. On many occasions she'd send me feedback within minutes of sending the original email and attachments, when her deadline wasn't for several days or more. Finally I asked her..."How do you do it? You're so on top of everything, getting me feedback before I even need it and yet I have emails from last week I'm trying to follow up on."

Her answer became a mantra I try to live by. "I touch something only once." That very day I printed out my new mantra and taped to to my computer (I know, what a geek) to remind me not to "do it later" but to be done with it and "touch it only once." I would wait to check my email until I had the time to take action and respond. It's amazing how in control I felt. It was a mental state that created this energy to just get things done.

When you read something (or open something in the mail, for that matter) and decide to set it aside and deal with it later, many times it gets forgotten about and other matters take priority. So, while I'm no longer in corporate America, that mantra still helps me stay in control at home. We all know how mail can take over your counter, desk etc. I'm one of the worst offenders when I'm rushed. Now, I try not to even GET the mail out of the mailbox until I have the time to sit down, go through it and act on everything that needs action (including dumping it in the circular file). Just another small step toward becoming a Well Planned Woman.

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What Color Was That Again?

I recently had a friend ask me the name of the color I used in my son's room. I painted it nearly 2 years ago and I couldn't recall it off the top of my head. What was that color again?

When my husband and I purchased and moved into our first home, we were fortunate enough to have a courteous seller who documented every color on every wall, trim and fixture throughout the house. Every time we needed to freshen the paint, we'd find that handy-dandy paper with all the colors and finishes so we were sure to make an exact match.

It taught me early on to start writing down colors I choose throughout my home; if not for our convenience, then to pay it forward for the next owner of our lovely home. Shortly after we painted the exterior, several people rang our bell to stop and ask the color we chose and I was able to recite it without hesitation (it's not uncommon to go 'color-shopping' in our neck of the woods).

Now, every time we paint a room I'm sure to jot it down in the "house colors" file on my computer. Lucky for my friend, I've taken some more steps toward becoming Well Planned Woman and I can tell her the color she's looking for is Shaker Beige, #HC-45 by Benjamin Moore.



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