Taking Baby Steps Toward Sanity

As you can tell from the lack of posts lately, my time to write has been limited. Or perhaps it's just my energy since I feel like 99.9% of my daily tasks involve taking care of everyone else. Most days I feel lucky to squeeze a shower in edgewise. So, this Well Planned Woman In Progress needs an intervention. And I know the perfect person for the job. FlyLady!

FlyLady's program for creating routines and combating CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome) has been proven to change many people's lives. I've been a fan of FlyLady for nearly 7 years...as well as a FlyBaby on and off for years, implementing some of her strategies for organizing and maintaining a well-run home here and there. But with the craziness that the upcoming holidays brings, I can just tell it's time for more serious action.

She has a baby step program (for...FlyBabies) that has you doing one baby step at a time over the course of 31 days. It has you building upon the previous days task to create routines in your life (that are proven to help your sanity!) I recently saw the movie Julie & Julia at the theater and thought how perfect that someone would give themselves a challenge and write about it on their blog daily. Now, my challenge is only 31 days, not 365, but nonetheless by committing to it here on my blog to my readers, I am now accountable. It's funny how sometimes we just need someone else to know we're doing something to feel an bigger sense of commitment. And seeing that tomorrow is the first day of November, I figured it's the perfect time to start day one of her baby step program.

So who wants to join me on this journey for the month of November? Check out her baby step program here and if you feel up for the challenge, post a comment and we'll motivate each other as we become more organized and less overwhelmed.

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